Diccionari anglès de pronúncia

Cansats de dubtar sobre com pronunciar una paraula en anglès?
Aquest diccionari amb so us traurà de dubtes d’immediat:

Un cop introduït el terme, seleccioneu-lo i espereu que es posi de color rosa per escoltar el so.

Dóna alternatives en alguns casos en què en anglès americà es pronunciï de diferent manera ( p. ex.: zebra ).

Quant a blocdelletres

CRAI Biblioteca de Lletres - Universitat de Barcelona
Aquesta entrada s'ha publicat en diccionaris i enciclopèdies, Lingüística i llengües, Recursos web, Referència i etiquetada amb , , . Afegiu a les adreces d'interès l'enllaç permanent.

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  2. sebastià ha dit:


    The present Redevelopment of the slope of Rambla Prim street, angle with Bernat Metge Project is located in the district of San Marti, just below the Gran Via, close to eastern boundary of the city.

    Most of this district, was developed under the urban impulse that took place during the nineteenth century, resulting in a district that is characterized for its variety of buildings and public spaces.

    Various phases of redevelopment are carried out in this district, to improve the quality in the area, soon damaged by a lack of refurbishing throughout the years.


    The scope of this project is the slope generated by Bernat Metge and Rambla Prim streets and sidewalks and in the depressed area to access to the houses and service premises on the ground floors.

    The main dimensions of the project are:

    • Length of Bernat Metge Street 95 m
    • Length of Rambla Prim street: 105 m
    • Action area: 2.940 m2

    However, to connect some of the commodity services to the existing network, the action area must be slightly increased with some trenches. This is the case of the sewage network.


    This project is integrated into the Neighbourhood Programme of the Law of the Generalitat of Catalonia, which aims to restore empoorished areas.


    The scope of this project is located on the corner of Rambla Prim street and Bernat Metge street. It includes the pavement of the road, the bottom zone that is about 3,00 m under the street level and all the talus slope and accesses between these two levels.

    Upper Zone; sidewalks

    The current sidewalk is paved with tiles and runs alongside a concrete curb and a water collector, which are in a poor condition.

    On the limit with Gran Via street there are two small jardinières in front of the supermarket. One contains a palm, while the other we find a lluca.

    On the limit with Rambla Prim there are Platanus trees without tree well, and the tiles are also in poor condition due to lack of confinement.

    On the Bernat Metge street sidewalk there are no trees.

    There is also a bus stop close to the junction between the two streets.

    Lower Zone; posts

    This area is less than 3,00 m under the road pavement level. The entrances to buildings, parkings and service premises are in this level.

    Regarding the pavement, the existing curb is in very poor condition because it is not aligned in any way and the surface is irregular and worn by time. It is only used to separate the two surfaces and collects the rainwater. There are two types of flooring. In the area closer to the buildings the pavement is red, with a width of 4m, while the rest is bituminous pavement.

    Leading the water to the pumping station located just outside the nursery does the collection of rainwater drains.

    With regard to street furniture, there are benches and bins, and a children’s play area closed by a wooden handrail.

    Area of slopes, stairs and ramps

    The slopes connect the zone with bushes and trees. The overall and even some trees are in poor condition.

    • Trees in slope area: there are populus, pines and a large lluca. The trees are in good condition, though there show a lack of maintenance.

    • Bushes: there are many bushes without any maintenance, gives the whole zone a degraded look.

    Regarding access for vehicles, there is a ramp from the pavement to the entrance to the parking lot, it uses a very wide space and both the pavement and the security barriers and asphalt are in very poor condition. Under the ramp there are empty chambers.

    Regarding the access for pedestrians there are stairs next to the vehicles ramp and two other ramps in “v” form that start in the curb and finish in the building entrances area. Both the stairs and ramps don’t comply with the current accessibility laws. There are two other ramps, but for security reasons they are not usable. There is even a buttress to ensure the stability of earth retaining walls.

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